Frequently Asked Questions

An astrologer is a person who practices astrology, a belief system that interprets the positions and movements of celestial bodies to understand and predict human affairs and events.

To find a reliable astrologer in your area, consider seeking recommendations from friends or family, checking online reviews and testimonials, and verifying their credentials and experience in the field of astrology.

Astrology is divided into several branches, including Natal Astrology (personal horoscopes), Mundane Astrology (world events), Medical Astrology (health), and Electional Astrology (choosing auspicious times).

Astrology is not scientifically proven to predict future events with precision. It offers insights into potential influences and tendencies based on celestial alignments but does not guarantee specific outcomes.

Astrologers require your birth date, time, and place to construct an accurate birth chart. This chart serves as a map of the positions of celestial bodies at the time of your birth, offering insights into your personality and life events.

The frequency of consulting an astrologer depends on individual preferences and needs. Some seek guidance periodically during significant life transitions, while others consult astrologers on a more regular basis for ongoing support.

While astrology has a historical and cultural significance, it is not considered a science in the traditional sense. It lacks empirical evidence to support its claims and does not adhere to the scientific method.

Astrology offers insights into the dynamics between individuals based on their birth charts, which can be used as a tool to understand potential challenges and strengths in a relationship. However, it is essential to remember that successful relationships depend on communication, understanding, and mutual effort, rather than solely on astrological compatibility.

While some individuals use astrology as a guiding factor in making life decisions, it is essential to exercise critical thinking and consider multiple factors before making significant choices. Astrology can offer insights and perspectives, but it should not be the sole basis for life-altering decisions.

The accuracy of online astrology readings can vary widely, as it depends on the expertise of the astrologer and the quality of the information provided. Some online platforms may offer computer-generated readings, which may lack the depth and personalization of a reading from a professional astrologer. It’s crucial to research the credibility and reviews of the website or astrologer before relying on their services.