Astrology decodes the typical characteristics of human beings with Karaka, Element, Signs, Stars, Rising Signs, and lots more. Zodiac signs have great impacts on determining our qualities and temperaments. When we talk of the most grounded and practical individuals among these 12 zodiac signs, three signs come in a row – TAURUS, VIRGO, and CAPRICORN

This trio belongs to earthy signs. They are known for a higher sense of responsibility, goals, curiosity, stability, and intelligence. And, if you belong to an earthy sign and seek personalized prediction, you can consult with a famous astrologer in Kolkata

Earthy Signs in Astrology with Traits

As is said above, earthy signs are highly well-grounded and pragmatic. Whether your moon sign, sun sign, or rising sign/Lagna is an earthy sign (Prithvi Tattwa), you can relate with the traits (positive/negative) we are going to write down. 

Taurus Sign & Its Positive/Negative Traits

Taurus is the 2nd sign of Kalpurusha Chakra and a fixed sign. It is governed by Venus. Taurus natives are usually calm. They like luxury, and fine cuisines, and love to be pampered. 

Positive Traits

  • Taurus natives are intellectual.
  • They are well-known for their honesty, perfection in personal/professional/romantic life, and loyalty. 
  • They are much disciplined, hardworking, kind-hearted, and organized in every square of life. 
  • They set ready to help others always. 

Negative Traits

  • You cannot imagine a person without flaws. Taurus natives also have such. 
  • They tend to feel jealous of the people who are doing well compared to them. 
  • They are very stubborn and fastidious. 
  • They are over-possessive and unknowingly create interpose freedom of their partners in a relationship. 
  • Their tendency to be a perfectionist sometimes works upon them negatively. 

Virgo Sign & Its Positive/Negative Traits

Virgo natives are ruled by Mercury. The 6th sign in Kalpurusha Chakra. They love to go into detail. It is a mutable sign and duality is the main trait of this sign. 

Positive Traits

  • Very intelligent and uses their intellect instead to instinct to make decisions. 
  • Knowledge seekers who love to expand their skill set.
  • They possess sharp memory and can adopt new skills very quickly. 
  • Great problem solvers, creative and curious at the same time. 

Negative Traits

  • They are demanding, and judgemental, and they criticize others overly and rudely. 
  • They are overthinkers, make a fuss about little things, and cannot trust others easily. 
  • They worry a lot and pose a threat to their mental and overall health. 

Capricorn Sign & Its Positive/Negative Traits

10th sign of Kalpurusha Chakra and is governed by Saturn. It is a cardinal sign. They have an inborn strength to fight against adversity. 

Positive Traits

  • They are very practical, creative, and spiritual at the same time. 
  • Ambitious, goal-oriented, hardworking, and very determined to their will. 
  • They are loyal, organized, dutiful, sensitive, and intuitive human beings. 
  • Never give up until they accomplish their goals. 

Negative Traits

  • Too many efforts to attain materialist gains make them greedy and jealous. 
  • Too serious and stubborn.
  • Overly critical and hardly open with their needs to others. 

Hope, you enjoyed reading the positive and negative traits of earthy signs. These are just glimpses of characteristics that Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn natives generally carry out throughout their lives. If you are one of these earthy signs and want to cultivate more, don’t hesitate to visit Astrologer Shrijit –a true guide and a famous astrologer in Kolkata

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