Very often we hear of the term Exaltation of Planets in astrology. Phases like exaltation of planets in birth charts and/or debilitation of planets in birth charts are common to us who know a bit of astrology or have an interest in astrology. So, today, we are going to know in which Nakshatra each planet gets exalted. If you want to know the state of your planet, do consult with the best astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit

Nakshatras and Role in Planet Exaltation

It’s time to get back to our discussion. Let us know the nakshatras respective of 7 planets in astrology. We do not list Rahu and Ketu in this panel as Rahu and Ketu are considered Shadow Planets or Nodes of the Moon. 

So, let us begin here with the name of the particular planet that gets exalted in particular Nakshatra. 

  1. Sun – Sun gets exalted in Aswini Nakshatra. Sun gets the supreme power here. Aswini Kumars are the ruling deity of this star. They are the twin sons of Sun and his wife Sanjana. Sun shares a beloved relationship with his sons. So, Sun gets exalted here due to the comfort and warmth of the relationship with his sons. 
  2. Moon– Moon gets exalted in the Nakshatra of Krittika. It is the birth star of Moon and she entices when she enters the Nakshatra and reaches the middle point of it. Sun is the ruling planet of Krittika. Fire is the deity of this nakshatra. 
  3. Mars – Mars, the planet of courage gets exalted in Dhanistha nakshatra. The nakshatra is ruled by 8 deities, including Ashta Vasus. The first deity among the 8 is Dhara. She is the Prithvi Devi, the deity of Earth. Thus, Mars gets its fullest potential here. 
  4. Mercury – The witty planet Mercury becomes exalted in Hasta. It is Moon-ruled nakshatra and its deity is Savitar. Savitar is known for his loving and playful attributes. As the deity is known for physical and mental trickery, natives born in this nakshatra are also apt to become a trickster. 
  5. Venus – Venus gets exalted in Pisces in Revati Nakshatra. The nakshatra is ruled by Mercury and the ruling deity is Pushan. Pushan is a deity of marriage. Thus, if Venus falls in this nakshatra, the native would be blessed by marital bliss. Even the native would love to take care of animals and love traveling. 
  6. Jupiter – Jupiter or Guru Brihaspati finds his exaltation in Pusya nakshatra. The ruling planet of the nakshatra is Shani. The ruling god/deity of the nakshatra is Jupiter himself. Thus, Jupiter gets the maximum power at this start. If Jupiter falls in this nakshatra in a birth chart, the native would be devoted his life to serving others. 
  7. Saturn – The planet of Karma, Saturn gets its maximum strength in Swati. The nakshatra is ruled by Rahu and its deity is Vayu Dev. The nakshatra is also connected with Hanuman ji. It is said, natives who are ardent devotees of Hanuman ji can escape the bad effects of Shani. 

Bringing to Conclusion, 

If you have any of the planets in their exalted position in your birth chart, don’t forget to see the nakshatra as well. You can get advice from a professional astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee to know what your exalted planet and its star say about you. 


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