Gone are those days when love marriage was considered taboo in society. Today, getting married after a long/short time of courtship is common. Though, not everyone is that lucky to marry the person whom he/she loves. To check what your luck says on the possibilities of committed relationship, read this blog in full. You can also meet Astrologer Shrijit, a famous astrologer in Kolkata when you want to know what your stars say about love marriage and its success.

Astrological Connection for Love Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven – we all are well-known to this term. But, when it is a committed relationship, do you believe it is also decided in heaven? Well, it could be if you meet the right person and fall in love with him/her. So, to know whether your birth chart and planetary combination support a love marriage, an expert astrologer consider your Kundali/horoscope first.

Let us see what type of planetary combinations and houses are generally considered for committed relationship.

Houses Considered 

  • 5th House: It is considered the most significant house for love marriage. Because it is the 11th house from 7th house (the house of marriage). The success of a love marriage counts on 5th If the 5th house lord sits in 7th or there is a connection between them, a native may have a love marriage
  • 7th House: Main house for marriage. When the 7th house lord gets connected with 5th house or sits in 5th house or there is a Nakshatra exchange, a native may get married through love. Even, if Venus/Mars/Rahu/Moon/Mercury sits in 7th house, chances of love marriage also are visible.
  • 8th House: You may frown eye-brows to know that 8th house also takes part in predicting the chances of a love marriage. It is the 2nd house of 7th and indicates assets, in-laws, and a sensual relationship with your partner. It is the 4th house from the 5th house; the house of fulfillment for the 5th house in a birth chart.
  • 11th House: The house of friendship, social circle, and fruitfulness of relationships that your value. Thus, the strength of 11th house and its lord is also get tested to determine the chances of a successful love marriage in your life.

Planets Considered 

Akin to houses, there are few planets that strongly indicate the chances of committed relationship.  Let’s decipher the connections,

  • Venus: Planet of love, relationship and bonding. So, if Venus is placed in 5th, 7th or 11th house in a horoscope and it somehow gets connected with the 7th house and/or 5th house lord, chances of love marriage gets formed.
  • Mars: It’s a planet of vigor, courage, passion, and masculine temperament. love marriage needs efforts to get successful. Mars says about your love interest and your passion to fulfill the commitment for your partner.
  • Moon: It is one of the benefic planets to consider when you are checking for the possibilities of love marriage in a birth chart. If Moon is well-placed in a male’s chart, it considers having a lovely and smiling partner for the native.

The placement of Rahu and Mercury is also considered to determine the chances of a love marriage.

Well, we have discussed a few general theories that determine committed relationship based on Vedic Astrological rules. For personalized analysis, contact Astrologer Shrijit, a famous astrologer in Kolkata anytime and from anywhere.


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