Foreign Settlement– the term sounds passionate and creates an obsession for those who dream to get a job and settle in a foreign land with a high-perk salary and lavish lifestyle. Working hard to get settled outside your home country is appreciable. But, you cannot crack it until and unless your luck, time, and planetary combination permit. Thus far, if you are one of those fostering the dream to study, work and get a full settlement abroad, why not visit Astrologer Shrijit, a top and trusted astrologer in Kolkata?

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Foreign Settlement Yoga-Karaka Planets

Now moving forward to our discussion of foreign settlement, we would unleash the planetary combinations and other necessities that help a native to get settled in a foreign land. There is no specific planet or planetary combination that encourages the chances of foreign settlement, job, marriage, and/or carrier in astrology. Even, a few zodiac signs are considered good for international settlement.

  • Rahu is considered a prime planet for foreign travel, job, and settlement. If Rahu is placed in the 3rd, 9th, or 12th house in your birth chart, a possibility to settle in a foreign land is seen.
  • Ketu can also compel a native to leave his motherland and to relocate in foreign. When Ketu afflicts the 4th house or Moon, chances are made to leave the homeland and go foreign.
  • Moon and Mars also take part in predicting/indicating whether the native would go to foreign land forever or for a short duration.

Foreign Settlement & Houses in Astrology

Astrology is not magic; rather it is a meticulous calculation that only experts can do. Certainly, an expert astrologer can dig your chart hard and predict whether you have the mere/strong possibilities to get settled in a foreign land or not. So, with no more fuss, let us have a look at the houses that are well-connected to predict foreign settlement.

  • 3rd House: It is 12th to 4th house and indicates short foreign travel.
  • 4th House: If the house is afflicted (good for foreign settlement), the native may have to travel to a foreign land for permanent settlement.
  • 8th House: It is the 12th house from the 9th house and indicates a strong chance to travel and settle abroad. It also indicates a sudden gain from a foreign land
  • 9th House: An important house to indicate the chances of foreign settlement. It is far from the 3rd house and it indicates foreign travel and settlement for a long time. If Moon, Ketu, and/or Rahu are placed in this house, the native may be in luck to visit a foreign land and get settled over there. Though, other combinations are needed to get checked.
  • 11th House: The house of desire also shows whether the native can settle abroad or not.
  • 12th House: One of the most important houses to check chances of international settlement.

There are many more to check including the Mahadasha, Antardasha, and current planetary transits on this matter.

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If you want to know what your zodiac sign or planetary combinations convey in the matter of international settlement, do contact Astrologer Shrijit, a genuine astrologer in Kolkata anytime you wish for.

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