Moon is the most important Planet in Vedic Astrology. It symbolizes heart of Kalpurush. It is the natural significant for mind, flow, drift, outreach, propagation and many other things. Moon reflects and builds the character of a native. Moon controls reasoning, logic and philosophy, the three parameters through which human possess the power to analyze.

Thus Moon governs the functions and operations of human brain also. As the governor of mind and brain it builds up the thought process and mental structure of a human being. Thus the universalization of the self a human being and the fruitfulness of the outcomes throughout his life depend very much upon Moon. A human being can be best described by the position, strength, promises and outcomes of Moon in his Natal Chart. Native’s health, likes and dislikes, assets, relation with others, family bonding, relationships, valor, courage, acceptance, communications, pleasures, happiness, innovations, vindications, acquisitions, survival, vide, endurance, luck factor, work, gains, completions all can be described by the relation of Moon with the respective Bhavas. As by the philosophy of Chitta Kundli System a human being born with first to fifth Bhava of the natal chart of him.

Thus the things related to his self, i.e., mental structure, courage, application power, by birth acquisitions, innovations and by birth relationships depends upon how Moon is related with the mentioned Bhavas. Similarly, native acquire the sixth to tenth Bhavas of his natal chart after his birth. In the same way thing related to this Bhavas, i.e., his envy, vindications, after birth relationships, marriage,acquisitions, endurance, work culture, acquired luck, luck factor depends upon how Moon is related to this Bhavas. And in this system eleventh and twelfth Bhavas describe the gain, fruitfulness of the gain and completion of the joint results of two sets of Bhavas of a native. Thus the relation with Moon with the eleventh and twelfth Bhavas of a native describes his achievements, success, applications of those, fruitfulness of life and completion. CHITTA KUNDLI – The Untold Chronicles of Chandra Kundli Chapter VIII – Importance of Moon Page No:- 77 & 78


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