Do you work from home? Are you facing frequent challenges at your work? Undergoing problems with no such reasons? Feeling overwhelmed due to workload and struggling hard to increase productivity? Stop worrying and start following vastu tips based on Vastu Shastra to evade work-from-home (WFH) challenges. Vastu tips work once you know how to use them to reap the maximum benefits. Vastu expert and one of the top astrologers in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee has shared a few Vastu tips for people who earn their bread and butter through WFH and want to know how to set up a home office to secure success and well-being.


Today, in this blog we are going to share those Vastu tips for WFH professionals and we hope that these tips will be worth you.

Vastu Remedies for WFH Office Set-Up

Let us know the right tips for setting up a home office for Work-From-Home office professionals,


1. Discover the Right Direction

Choosing the right direction for the home office is crucial to ensure positivity and success. The north and the east directions are the best to set up a home office. It is believed that these corners attract positive energy and work well to increase productivity and maintain a peaceful work environment.


2. WFH Desk Optimization According to Vastu Shastra

You must place the desk in the way that you work facing east or north. This placement is believed to engage positivity in the workplace and enhance your engagement to work plus your creativity. One more thing, do not place your working desk against the wall as it can block your working energy and create a hindrance in your progress.


3. Let Natural Light Come to Your Workplace

Make sure, the workplace at your home is well-lit and circulated. A well-lit and well-ventilated workplace is necessary to maintain positive energy and productivity. Natural light improves your mood plus it helps you make better decisions. It will be better if you set up your home office next to a window, and make sure the place has better ventilation.


4. Declutter Your Workplace at Home

Yes, you are working from home but must ensure the place is decluttered and properly organized. A cluttered workplace engages negativity and increases work stress. So, according to Vastu Shastra, you need to keep your home office clean, and tidy and go with a minimalist design for better work and productivity.


5. Organize the Desk Properly

Make sure to keep only important things on your desk. Don’t store unnecessary things on the desk. It will block the positive energy and impose negativity at work.


6. Know to Balance Elements

Maintain harmony with elements (earth, air, water, fire, and ether) to keep your work going. Meaning, choose the color of your desk, desk lamp, chair, pen holder, and other things carefully. The color reflects energy. You can also place an indoor plant on your desk to maintain the flow of energy.


Consult With A Vastu Expert for Better Remedies

These are just the basic Vastu tips to ensure a positive energy flow at your home office. To have personalized Vastu remedies according to your natal chart, consult with a Vastu expert in Kolkata. Astrologer Shrijit, the top astrologer in Kolkata is here for your help.


About Astrologer Shrijit

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