Akin to Vastu for home, health, wealth, and prosperity, maintaining Vastu in your kid’s room is essential. So, today in the web blog we are going to share tips for kids’ rooms narrated by Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, the Vastu expert and genuine astrologer in Kolkata. Vastu helps to balance energy in our homes. The proper placement of furniture, wall color, wall hangings, and paintings, and the right use of directions help us to ensure the adequate flow of positive energy aka CHI at home. So, with no more discussion, let us head on to learn about the Vastu tips for your kid’s room

Vastu For Kids/Children Room

  1. Direction for Room: If you are moving to a new home or constructing a new house, choose the West direction for your kid’s room. This direction is the best for kid’s mental health and peace as well. 
  2. Bed Placement: Don’t place your kid’s bed exactly in front of the entrance. Make sure, you are placing the bed in a way that your kids can sleep facing south or west. You can also place a sofa or couch in the southwest direction. 
  3. Amirah Direction: If you are thinking of placing an Amirah or cabinet in your kid’s room, ensure to place it facing the south direction, it is recommended to place a TV or other gadgets like a computer or laptop facing the north or the east. It will protect kids’ rooms from the negative energy. 
  4. Mirror Placement: You can certainly place a mirror in your kid’s room. It will help him/her to be well-dressed and groomed as well from the very beginning of life. Now, make sure to place the mirror inside the wardrobe or back of the door. You can mount it also on the wall. Make sure, it is not placed just opposite of kid’s bed.  
  5. Study Corner: It is one of the most important corners in your kid’s room. You should place the study table facing the east or the north. The placement helps your children to study with full concentration and gain strong memory power. Install only square or rectangular shape tables and avoid round or odd shapes. When it is all about color, choose white, yellow, or any light shade for the study table.  

Vastu Tips for Your Kid’s Room

The study area should be neat and clean. The study table should be in a de-cluttered position.

  1. Lighting and Fixtures: Your kid’s room should be well-lit. Make sure, the room has copious space and scope to have Sunlight. You can decorate the room with beautiful chandeliers and cute lamps. It will be good if you place the lamp in the southwest direction. 
  2. Wall Color: Keep the walls of your kid’s room well-painted. You can use light shades of blue, green, pink, yellow, or white to paint the walls. According to Vastu Shastra, dark color is not good for a child’s room. 

On a Closing Note…

It is good to consult with a Vastu expert if you are about to build a new home and planning to have a Vastu-compliant room for your kids. Vastu expert cum genuine astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit says, it is good to plan a kid’s room with Vastu rules. It helps your children to stay physically and mentally healthy and active in their studies as well. 


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