Mercury is our intellect, our power of communication, marketing, and how we treat or mingle with others. It also showcases our adoption skills while learning anything new. Our skill of learning new languages, our analytical skills, how strong our memory level is,  and our relationships with maternal and paternal relatives all are decided by the position of the Mercury in a natal chart. So, if you have a weak Mercury, you may end up with so many problems in life. So, in this blog, we will learn from a famous astrologer in Kolkata how to bypass malefic mercury effects with tips from Vedic Astrology.


How to Identify a Weak Mercury?

If you are derived from the good effect of Mercury, you might suffer from various things including mental and physical verticals.

  1. You find it hard to flourish in your business
  2. You may find it exhausting in money matters and you spend money quite abruptly.
  3. You may find yourself in debt continuously.
  4. You will find yourself a loner in your workplace, your colleagues hardly want to help you.
  5. Your relatives will act with enmity with you.
  6. Your memory level will not increase and you find it hard to communicate with others.
  7. We will find it hard to make any decision.
  8. Your level of intelligence and analytical acumen will be hampered.
  9. On a physical level, you will undergo nerve-related issues.
  10. Your skin will provide you with problems.
  11. You may suffer from a fever frequently.
  12. Moreover, you can have a problematic throat.

So, if you are suffering from one of these problems or more than one, you might have a weak or malefic Mercury effect in your birth chart. But, worry not, famous astrologers in Kolkata and remedies are there for your rescue.


Remedies to Improve Mercury Power

The effects of Mercury, whether it is good or bad count on its position in a birth chart. If your Mercury is not giving you the expected results; rather it is malefic, you have ways to improve it. Let us have a look.

  • Try to wear different shades of green while choosing your attire
  • When you are about to buy a new dress wear it after a wash.
  • Maintain a good and healthy relationship with your aunts and sisters. Even, behave well and take care of females in your family. If you have a girl, nurture her well and so same to little girls
  • Worship lord Vishnu, as he is the prime deity of Mercury.
  • You can start donating on Wednesday.


On a Closing Note, 

Keep your brain busy and do brainwork continuously. Idle brain and useless chats can hamper your Mercury. So, be wise and watchful. 


About Astrologer Shrijit

Srijit the best and famous astrologer in Kolkata. He is in the field of Astrology for more than a decades. Astrologer Srijit is providing all the above mentioned services in Kolkata (North and South) and entire India.

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