Do you know your food habit impacts your luck and prosperity? Sounds wired! But, this is the truth and you can decipher it if you follow Food Astrology. There are very few people who are actually aware that their food habits can strengthen and/or weaken the effects of planets; irrespective of good and bad. Even, due to bad food habits, the most beneficial planet in your birth chart can start giving negative results. And if you visit a truly educated and genuine astrologer in Kolkata, you will be amazed to know how you can reduce or increase the effects of planets just with your food practices.

So, if you want to know how you can increase the beneficial results of planets through your eating habits until you fix an appointment for an astro-consultation, take this blog as your guide.


Improve Results from Planets Through Food Astrology

Yes, you just read it right. Utilizing food astrology, you can magnet positive results from planets. Let us know which food you should list in your diet to improve the planets that are weak in your natal chart, or that you want to strengthen.


  • Sun: Sun denotes health, mental health, respect, confidence, success, and father in a birth chart. If it is weak in your natal chart, add wheat, mango, and jaggery to your diet.
  • Moon: If the Moon is weak in your birth chart or you are suffering due to your mental health, take sugarcane, sugar, milk, ice cream, white bread, and rice.
  • Mercury: Mercury reflects your intelligence quotient. So, if Mercury is inflicted in your birth chart, you can add more and more green vegetables, green daal, and green sweets to your diet.
  • Mars: To strengthen Martian energy and bring back confidence and boldness in life start eating jaggery, honey, lentils, pomegranate, and red-colored fruits to your plate.
  • Venus: This planet is a karaka of marital bliss and financial improvement as well. If you are suffering with money due to weak Venus, have curd, sugar, candy, sooji white-colored food, and fruits every day. It will also improve your married life.
  • Jupiter: Your wisdom and character majorly depend on how Jupiter is posted in your natal chart. To have good results from the planet Jupiter, eat banana, maize, yellow pulse, besan, ghee, gram flour, gram dal, rock salt, yellow fruits, and turmeric with your regular food.
  • Saturn: Your karma karaka planet is Saturn. If you want to appease Saturn, you should add food like black pepper, urad dal, sesame seeds, mustard oil, pickle, clove, bay leaves, black salt, black dal, jaggery, and black-colored fruits and sweets to your diet.
  • Rahu and Ketu: If you are suffering due to Rahu and Ketu then start including black sesame, chana, mustard oil, black sweets, and black fruits in your diet. It will help to reduce the negative energy of these shadowy planets.



Try these foods based on your zodiac sign as well as planets (weak/strong) in your natal chart. Hope, you will incur results incorporating this food into your diet and get rid of the planetary dilemma. You can consult with Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, one of the most genuine astrologer in Kolkata to have personalized food astrology remedies.


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