Leaders are born with a fire inside. That fire is not visible to you, I, and/or he/she; but can be felt inside. So, let’s cut the crab and come to the point here. We have already discussed the Airy, Watery, and Earthy zodiac signs in our previous posts. Today, we are going to spill the beans on fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and this would be the last one on zodiac elements. Read this blog to know more about yourself if you are an Aries/Leo/Sagittarius by Moon/Sun Sign.  For personalized consultation on your health, wealth, job, money, and more, do consult with Astrologer Shrijit, a famous astrologer in Kolkata.


Firy Signs in Kaalpurush Chakra – Aires, Leo, & Sagittarius

Like other zodiac signs, you would find Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius natives with positive and negative traits. These people are a bit chaotic, egoistic, self-obsessed, and sometimes acting irresponsibly. But, wait, they can lead anything very well, and you find them truly passionate about fulfilling goals in life. so, with no further chit-chat, let’s find out the qualities of these fiery people at a glance.


Aries with Positive & Negative Traits

Aires is the 1st fiery sign and it is a cardinal one and ruled by the red-hot planet Mars. They are truly famous in the friend circle due to their charismatic, passionate, and driven nature.

Positive Traits

  • They are the ultimate boss.
  • They are confident, independent, and passionate.
  • They love to take charge always.
  • Never lacks energy when it’s showtime.

Negative Traits

  • Stubborn
  • Truly headstrong
  • They cannot control their rage.
  • Bit impulsive and cranky


Leo with Positive & Negative Traits

Leo people are the real kings. You can find a sense of royalty in their nature and attitude. Leo is a fixed sign. Ruled by Sun, you will find Leo people always driven by energy, motivations, and desires as well.

Positive Traits

  • Leo people are radiant,
  • They love to be the center of attraction.
  • They can be a very loyal friend.
  • Passionate to create a unique identity in society.
  • Fierce in nature and protective of the people aka friends, family, and partner, they love the most.

Negative Traits

  • A bit selfish and arrogant.
  • Self-centered people.
  • Always seeks power and likes to rule no matter what it is.
  • They feel Insecure and their ego is the reason behind insecurity.
  • They can be over-sensitive sometimes.


Sagittarius with Positive & Negative Traits

Sagittarius is the last sign of the fiery element and the 9th sign in the kaalpurush chakra. Ruled by Jupiter, they are free-spirit and well-known for their wisdom and out-of-the-box thinkers.

Positive Traits

  • Always found in good spirits.
  • Truly confident and self-motivated.
  • Handle hardship very well.
  • Open-minded and independent.

Negative Traits

  • Sometimes you find them careless.
  • Act very blunt sometimes.
  • Ill-tempered and keep distant from emotional elements.
  • They are truly inconsistent.


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