Marriage is a foundation of love, understanding, emotional attachment, and of course sensual bonding. Your married life seems less complicated and more pleasing when everything surrounding you remains favorable. But, the bonding goes off-balance and sometimes becomes chaotic if negativity nibbles your mind, body, and soul. This negativity is nothing but the energies reflected by the people and objects around you. Here you need to check your Vastu. Yes, you heard it right. Vastu highly impacts relationships and breath under the roof. So, if you don’t want any negative vibe to hamper your marital bliss, do consult with a Vastu consultant at the earliest.

Astrologer Shrijit, an expert Vastu consultant cum a genuine astrologer in Kolkata can better help you better rectify Vastu at home and improve your married life.


Amazing Vastu Tips for Married Couples

Time to head in to unveil the best Vastu tips to improve the relationship between husband and wife.


Vastu Bedroom Tips for Married Couples

  1. Place your bed in the South-West direction.
  2. Color your bedroom walls with light colors like yellow, pink, and cream, or it can be just white.
  3. Choose a wooden bed instead of a wrought iron cot. It should be a double-sized bed.
  4. Avoid using two single-sized beds to make one. If possible then use a single blanket and/or quilt for both.
  5. Always buy rectangular/square beds for the bedroom.
  6. Keep fresh flowers in the bedroom instead of artificial flowers.
  7. You can keep a money plant tree in your bedroom. It manifests the goodness of Venus in your married life. The more the tree grows, the more your bond gets strengthened.


Sleeping Directions for Married Couples

  1. Always sleep heading toward the south and your legs should be towards the north.
  2. Don’t place a mirror just opposite your bed. It provides negative effects on marital bonds.


Entrance Door Tips for Married Couples

  1. The door to enter your bedroom is very important. Make sure the doors and windows of your bedroom open and close well.
  2. They must open at nighty degree alignment to allow the free flow of positive vibes.


Keep North-East Side Clutter-Free

  1. The northeast corner of your home should be free of clutters.
  2. The kitchen should not be built here; otherwise, couples cannot escape or manage the wrath in a relationship.
  3. Better, you should use this direction as your pooja room.


Things to Avoid to Have a Blissful Married Life

  1. Don’t place a computer or television in your bedroom.
  2. Don’t decorate your bedroom with a single duck or butterfly. Use pair instead.
  3. Don’t hang any picture that shows inequality, trouble, fight, or fear in your bedroom. Instead, use family photographs and hang them on the west wall.
  4. Don’t color your bedroom with dark color.
  5. Don’t place cactus or bonsai in the bedroom.
  6. Don’t build an underground reservoir or tank in the southwest direction.
  7. To restrain the financial instability, don’t keep your money or build a locker in the south direction. Rather install a locker in the north or northeast corner of your home.



We genuinely hope these will fill your married life with happiness, blessing, and bliss. To have a personalized Vastu analysis of your home, you can contact Astrologer Shrijit, a Vastu expert and a genuine astrologer in Kolkata so far.


About Astrologer Shrijit

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