KETU – the widely known planet of isolation, spiritualism, detachment, and liberation is about to enter Virgo. The transit of Ketu in Virgo 2023 on 30th October is all set to bring changes in our lives including our tangible and intangible assets. According to the best astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, the transit is very significant as Ketu, the south node of the Moon will spend approx. 18 months in Virgo and the 6th house of Kalpurusha Chakra manifests diseases, debt, enmity, and disputes.

Today, we will unfold the facts on how the Ketu Transit 2023 impacts careers and relationships irrespective of zodiac signs through the viewpoint of Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, one of the renowned Astro-consultants and Numerologists in Kolkata.


Effects of Ketu Transit on Relationships & Career/Work


Ketu is about to enter Virgo, the sign of practicality and precision. Hence, there is a lot to unveil for all 12 zodiac signs in the realm of career and relationship. When Virgo is a careful observer and is ruled by Mercury, Ketu manifests a mysterious aura and spiritual profoundness. So, the fusion of Mercury and Ketu is about to create a remarkable synergy that will be visible in our careers and relationships in many ways. Let us know how natives of 12 zodiac signs will be influenced by this transit.


  1. Aries: You will avoid unnecessary arguments in personal and professional fields. Rather, you will apply diplomacy to solve problems.  On the work front, you might seek the opportunity to work from home.
  2. Taurus: You will experience a string of detachment from your loved one and professional life. So, you need to pay extra attention here.  Professionally, this time works for you.
  3. Gemini: You will not feel the same attachment to your family as before. Even, you may find the need to move away from your homeland or city for work.
  4. Cancer: You will suddenly experience rough patches with your siblings. Even, a lack of motivation affects the growth of your career.
  5. Leo: You might find the need to travel to remote places and it creates a distance in a mental space with your family and loved ones. However, family inheritance is seen.
  6. Virgo: You will be inclined towards solitude and your relationship may suffer. You also experience challenges in the workplace; though you can overcome them.
  7. Libra: You need to act maturely to handle pressures on relationships and expenditures. You also see changes in your professional domain.
  8. Scorpio: Instead of ups and downs on the career front, you will incur promotion. However, you will experience hiccups in your married life.
  9. Sagittarius: Be prepared with grace, wisdom, and especially patience to overcome challenges on the work front and your relationship with your parents.
  10. Capricorn: This Ketu transit will work positively in the realm of career and relationship for Capricorn natives. You might have a desirable promotion.
  11. Aquarius: You need to stay prepared to accept challenges and changes in your personal and professional life. The relationships with in-laws might get stained.
  12. Pisces: Your business might expand. You may find challenges in your marital life and your spouse might get over-critical.


This is a generic discussion on how Ketu transit in Ketu will impact relationships and careers for 12 zodiac signs. If you want a more precise and personalized report, you can certainly contact Astrologer Shrijit, the best astrologer in Kolkata at your convenience.


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