Your kitchen is the powerhouse of your home. It must engage and multiply positive vibes to ensure the health of your family. Thus, it is important to maintain the balance among earth, air, sky, fire, and water elements in your kitchen according to Vastu Shastra.  To build a Vastu-compliant kitchen, you need to consult with an astrologer in Kolkata who has in-depth knowledge of Vastu and guide you accordingly. 

Don’t worry, if you already built your kitchen, we are going to discuss some of the easy but effective Vastu tips that help you hold the Vastu guidelines. 

Kitchen Vastu Tips to Draw Positive Energy 

Without further ado, let us know the Vastu principles that make a Kitchen (existing/about to build) Vastu-compliant. 

  1. Kitchen Location: Try to build a kitchen in the east, northeast, or southeast corner of your home. If your kitchen is already built in another direction at your home/flat/apartment, try to keep the burner/oven in the directions said before. Try to keep the sink/water basin out of the kitchen if it is not built in the east/northeast/southeast. 
  2. Cooking Area Direction: Try to place the cook stove/oven in the southeast. You should cook facing east or northeast. This way, you can align with the fire element and it is considered favorable.  
  3. Kitchen Sink: Whether your kitchen is in the North-East or East corner of your home or not; you should position the kitchen sink in the north-east/north side of your kitchen. Don’t design the sink area near the cooking area/stove. Make sure, there is no leakage in the tap or plumbing/drainage system in your kitchen. A leaky sink or pipeline in the kitchen is considered highly inauspicious. 
  4. Kitchen Storage/Pantry: Store kitchen stuff or pantry items on the western or southern side of your kitchen. If you want to build kitchen shelves or cabinets, consider the western and/or southern walls. Keep the eastern/northern wall empty. 
  5. Color: Light and soothing color is the best option for kitchen walls. You can go with yellow, light green, or cream for your kitchen. Don’t pick any matte or dark colors for the kitchen. Even, if your kitchen is not in the eastern/south-east/north-east side of your home then you can try the color option as kitchen Vastu remedy. 
  6. Aeration/Ventilation: It is one of the essential conditions to keep your kitchen healthy for a healthy home. Make sure, the kitchen has windows and an exhaust fan to allow the flow of fresh air and vent smoke/odor out of the kitchen. A clumsy kitchen is not good for health and Vastu. 
  7. Cleanliness and Orderliness: Always maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen. Keep your kitchen clutter-free, and organized. Don’t overstuff your kitchen with expired food items or unnecessary utensils or kitchen equipment. Try to wipe out the cooktop after every slot of cooking. 
  8. Plant Indoor Plants: Yes, you heard it right. You can plant indoor plants, plants of herbs, or flowers in your kitchen if space is available.  They magnet positive energy and a sense of freshness in your kitchen. 

To Conclude, 

These are just a few to make your kitchen Vastu-compliant. You can visit the nearest Vastu specialist cum astrologer in Kolkata if you want personalized Vastu guidance for your kitchen. Remember, a kitchen with balanced energy and a positive vibe works auspicious for you and your family.


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