Life is all about a roller-coaster ride. If you observe it calmly and closely, you will find that we spend most of our lives dealing with conflicts, pain, troubles, and our innate fear. When we talk about marriage, you will find the same. Marriage is a lifetime commitment between two souls. However, this bond also seeks many sacrifices and faces challenges, obstacles, and unhappy phases to sustain. Today, we will unearth different yogas, houses, and planets that create problems in married life. Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, the best astrologer in Kolkata will make us decipher how planets and planetary combinations impact married life heavily through this blog post. 

Let us have a look…..

Houses Responsible for Marriage in Astrology

Before we move to the discussion of planets for marriage, it is important to learn about the houses that denote marriage in Vedic Astrology. 

  • 1st House/Lagna: You and your personality are deciphered from your Lagna. Your Lagna and its lord hold importance in choosing your life partner. 
  • 2nd House: It is a Kutumba Bhava and holds importance to retaining peace and sustainability in married life. 
  • 7th House: This house says about your partner and depicts his/her personality as well. 
  • 5th House: This house tells about your love life and relationships. Also, you can understand the success of your marriage from this house. 
  • 11th House: This house shows the strength and longevity of your married life. 
  • 12th House: The 12th house indicates the bedroom after your marriage and how peaceful and happy it will be. 

Once you visit an astrologer, all these houses will be considered to predict your marriage and life after marriage. 

Planets and Yogas Responsible for Conflicts/Problems in Married Life

Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and even the Sun are not considered good for a happy marriage sometimes. Let us see how. 

  • Mars is a planet of aggression. It is a fiery planet and it causes problems. If this planet is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house in a horoscope, it creates problems. 
  • If Mars and Saturn are placed together; especially in the 1st, 7th, 4th, 8th, and/or 12th house in your chart, the placement causes havoc in married life. 
  • The placement of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, or Mars with the Moon is not a good sign for married life. 
  • If Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars, or Sun are in the 7th house, the placement also causes problems for married life. 

The combination of Saturn and Rahu, Mars and Rahu, Mars and Ketu, Saturn and Moon, and, Rahu and Moon, and also Moon and Mars/Ketu also cause disturbance in married life. 

Other Combinations That Impact Married Life Negatively

  • The placement of the 7th lord with the 6th house lord or in the 6th house is not auspicious. 
  • The connection of the 7th lord or house with Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu is considered inauspicious for married life. 
  • If Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or Mars sit in the 7th house, it is not a good combination for married life. 
  • The affliction of Mars in a female horoscope is inauspicious for marriage. 
  • The affliction of Venus in a male horoscope is not auspicious for marriage. 

These are just a few of many yogas and conditions that create problems in a married life. 

To Conclude, 

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