More or less, all of us are aware of the term Vastu. We express our concern regarding Vastu; however, rarely follow or maintain rules to maintain peace, prosperity, harmony, and happiness in our homes. According to astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, a Vastu consultant and a good astrologer in Kolkata, everything in our house has a Vastu connection. The placement of objects including furniture, appliances, rooms, sitting and dining arrangements, and so on impacts the energies or CHI at our home. Today, our central topic of discussion is the ‘Vastu for staircase’ which we hardly pay attention to.

Connection Between Staircase and Vastu at Home

While we choose the direction to build a staircase, we rarely pay attention to the positions or directions compliant with Vastu. However, it is observed that a wrongly placed staircase becomes the cause of welcoming negative energy at home and draining positive vibes as well. The reason why, following the Vastu rules for staircase is crucial.

You would be surprised to know that a well-designed and Vastu-compliant staircase ensures positivity at home along with good health, prosperity, and also peace of mind. So, let’s not waste any time anymore. But, have a look at the staircase tips instructed by our Vastu Shastra.

Staircase Vastu Rules for Your Home

The location, visibility, and the starting point of the stairs hold so much importance to continue the flow of positive energy at home. Let’s find out…

Staircase Orientation:

Make sure, the staircase is built with clockwise orientation. It should be either east to west or north to south. It ensures career growth.

Staircase Placement:

It is considered auspicious when the staircase is built in the West or South zone of your home. Southwest, South, or West zone are the best zones to have a staircase in your home. Don’t ever consider the Northeast to build staircases; it leads to financial losses.

Staircase Design:

Many of us have sophistication with staircase designs. There is no harm in it. However, avoid having a spiral design for your staircase. It is not good for health.

Step Numbers for Staircase:

It is recommended to have a staircase with odd number steps. It can be 9, 15, or 21. It is considered auspicious for households and brings fortune.

Staircase Position:

According to Vastu, the staircase should be positioned at the side of the house. It should not be placed at the center of a house. If the staircase is visible to guests whenever they enter your house, it causes negativity at your place.

Staircase Color:

The color of the staircase should be always light in the shade. You can go for any light shade including pastel shades, beige, off-white, pastel pink, yellow, or light blue to hue your staircase.

Vastu Tips for Outside Staircase of Your Home

When it is all about the exterior staircase of your home, it is important to decide the right place and direction for it. Southeast is a good direction for an east-facing house, southwest is the best direction for the west or south-facing house. Northwest is a good direction for the north-facing house.

On a Closing Note…

These are not all; but the most relevant Vastu tips for a staircase at your home. Following the tips always brings beneficial results for the residents. If you have more Staircase-Vastu-related queries, please consult with Astrologer Shrijit, a genuine Vastu consultant and a good astrologer in Kolkata near you.


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