To date, we have discussed so many things on Astrology. We discussed zodiac signs, rising signs, planets, planetary combinations, trine connections, quadrants, and so on. But, have you ever tried to know yourself through the eyes of astrology? You might say that you know about your rashi and lagna, and that is all about yourself. But, let me make it clear that without the knowledge of Atmakaraka, you cannot explore yourself and your qualities. So, to reveal your inner qualities, strength, and hidden abilities, here is Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, the best astrologer in Kolkata, and he will explain how your Chara Atmakaraka influence you in every square of your life.  

Let’s get going…..

What is Atmakaraka or AK? Decipher It First

Atmakaraka planet says why you were born. It says about your soul and desires. Atma is the Soul and Karaka is the doer. The planet in the highest degree in your birth chart is your Atmakaraka or AK. The planet teaches you the significant lessons of life. It acts as your guide and philosopher and is the voice of your soul and desires. You can take AK planet as your torchbearer who guides you through various lessons to fulfill your life purpose. 

Life Lessons Provided by Atmakaraka

Now, we will learn how Atamakaraka planet provides us with lessons in various stages of life. Let’s dig deeper. 

  • To Find Your Life Purpose: It is the prime question that we should ask ourselves to find out our life purposes. We are not here in this world by accident. There are reasons behind our birth. According to Vedic Astrology, everyone takes birth to accomplish their pending desires. It is your AK planet that tells you about your deep-seated desires, and the Real Purpose of Life. Once you understand the karaka of your Atmakaraka, you can stop making the same mistakes repeatedly. 
  • Understand Mental and Spiritual Tone: Atmakaraka planet does not support any guesswork. It says clearly about your mental and spiritual space and purposes. You will hardly be able to tune your signal with the signal of AK if you clutter your mind with material desires. So, don’t waste your energy and excellence finding something dross; rather consult with a reliable and knowledgeable astrologer to find the voice of your AK. 
  • Sort Face-Off between Material and Spiritual Realms: This also can be sorted with the help of Atmakaraka planet. You will find your innermost desires and characteristics, and the root of yourself through the karaka of AK. Most of us spend our lives chasing materialistic goals and the reason why we find ourselves stuck in Karmic Debt. So, if you want to shrink your Karmic debt, find spiritual ways to unburden your soul and debt through the hands of your Atma Karaka planet. 

Live a good life if your destiny has already blessed you with money, name, and fame. But don’t take these as Be-All and End-All manner. 


Thus, to understand the clear purpose of your life and fate, understand the karaka of your Atmakaraka planet first. And, Astrologer Shrijit, the best astrologer in Kolkata is all here to help you out to listen to the voice of the AK to reach your higher self. The only way to realize yourself.

Good Luck!


About Astrologer Shrijit

Srijit the best and famous astrologer in Kolkata. He is in the field of Astrology for more than a decades. Astrologer Srijit is providing all the above mentioned services in Kolkata (North and South) and entire India.

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