Marriage is not only a union of two souls but also a life-long commitment to fulfill. So, heading to a genuine astrologer in Kolkata before your marriage for consultation is not a bad idea of course. Apparently, we all know that Jupiter is considered a beneficial planet and it provides always good results irrespective of its placement in a horoscope. However, in today’s piece, we will learn how the 7th house Jupiter becomes bad for married life

We will start understanding the 7th house in Vedic Astrology. So, let’s move forward. 

What is the 7th House in Vedic Astrology?

In Vedic Astrology, the 7th house is the house of partnerships and relationships – it can be personal, professional, and of course the marriage. The house is governed by Venus. The dispositor of the 7th house and planets in the 7th house decide what kind of qualities you seek in your life partner and how would you share the bond with him/her. The overall harmony and strength of the bond of your married life depend on the qualities of this house. 

Jupiter in the 7th House & Its Significance

Jupiter, the Jeeva is the planet of expansion, wisdom, great philosophy, higher education, spirituality, and righteousness. Thus, the presence of Jupiter in the 7th house means the expansion of all the qualities in manifolds and becomes vulnerable to natives to manage and maintain the same. This is the very point from where challenges and problems start getting into married life.  

So, let’s not hover anymore and discover how the 7th house Jupiter brings challenges and conflicts in marriage. 

  • Jupiter Expands Everything: The reason is why Jupiter is in your 7th house it expands your expectations from your partner. From vision to conviction – everywhere your expectations start growing inflated and it creates problems in your married life, and leads to dissatisfaction, and disappointment. 
  • Increased Possessiveness & Jealousy: Yes, it sounds wired; but it happens. 7th house Jupiter increases the fear and sense of insecurity of losing the partner, and these feelings become the reason for toxicity, suspicion, and emotional imbalance among married couples.  Natives with the 7th house Jupiter find themselves struggling with trust issues in marriage. 
  • Lack of Balance & Harmony: Once you start expecting more than enough from your spouse, the balance of your married life begins to suffer. Even, the 7th house Jupiter makes you hell-bent on making compromises that are essential for a happy married life often. When one partner prioritizes his/her desires and needs overshadowing the needs of the partner, maintaining the balance and harmony in marriage becomes tough and challenging.  
  • Extramarital Affairs & Adultery: 7th house Jupiter expands the expectations, and desires, and indulges natives to experience something new and adventurous in relationship. These all lead to betrayal, infidelity, and emotional turmoils.  
  • Excessive Desires towards Materialism: The uncontrollable desire to have luxury, abundance, and excess materialism forces the native to focus on his gain, achievement, and possessions instead of taking care of the relationship. This is a strong reason for problems and conflicts between married couples. 

After reading these all you can understand how the 7th house Jupiter can be the reason for an unhappy and unsuccessful married life. However, there is always a way out. With frequent communication, taking care of each other’s needs, and expert advice one can certainly lead a happy and harmonious married life with the 7th house placement of Jupiter. Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, the genuine astrologer in Kolkata is here to help you and . Call him now!


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