Vastu Shastra and Vedic Astrology are interconnected. If you think that an astrologer only predicts your future and cannot predict your Vastu luck, you are mistaken. It is your birth chart that reflects everything about your destiny and Vastu as well. Hence, once you choose a good astrologer in Kolkata, you can avail yourself of the best Vastu tips for your home and office. Today, we learn about Vastu plants that attract happiness and wealth from the famous Vedic Astrologer cum Vastu expert, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee. We will decode the importance of plants in Vastu. 

Relationship between Plants & Vastu – Let’s Decode

Plants engage natural and pure energy. Whether you want to keep plants at home, office, or business place, you will drive positivity for sure. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are going to select a plant for your home according to Vastu. 

  • You need to know the direction to place the plant. 
  • Choose the right plant according to your birth chart. 
  • Avoid placing thorny plants. They are considered negative for Vastu. 
  • Don’t place the over-sized plants indoors. 

Now, we will uncover the names of the plants that are auspicious to place indoors. 

Auspicious Indoor Plants According to Vastu Shastra

Let us have a look at the plants good for your home and office Vastu….

1. Bamboo Plant

One of the best Vastu plants that ensure positive vibes, good health, and long life for natives.  The plant is considered a money magnet for homes. The more the plant grows at your home the more you can experience growth in your personal and professional life. The plant should be placed in the east. 

2. Barmasi or Sadabahar

This plant is also known as Ever Blooming Blossom. Its botanical name is Catharanthus Roseus. You can place it on your balcony, terrace garden, or personal garden. 

3. Tulsi or Holy Basil

We all are aware of this plant. Hindu homes are just incomplete without this plant. The pleasing aroma of the leaves sets a different tone at your home. The plant denotes positivity, abundance, and auspiciousness for the home and its inhabitants. It is good to water the Tulsi tree every day. It ensures financial success and personal enhancement. 

4. Lavender

You heard it just right. The lavender tree is a symbol of love and commitment in relationships. The health benefits of this plant are also amazing. It soothes nerves and promotes mental health.  The plant is good to be placed in your bedroom or window area of your bedroom. 

5. Jade Plant

This plant is considered auspicious to engage good luck and wealth. It is a succulent plant with roundish leaves. The leaves of the plant closely resemble coins. Thus, the plant is said to attract wealth and positivity in career. The plant can be kept at home, office, and business place. Just place the plant near the cash box or register to experience the change in money flow. 

There are more plants like Fern Morpanki, Jasmine, and Mint which are considered very auspicious to keep at home. 

To Conclude….

So, if you are thinking of planting indoor plants but cannot decide on the right one, consult with a good astrologer in Kolkata. Astrologer cum Vastu expert Shrijit Chatterjee is right here to help you.


About Astrologer Shrijit

Srijit the best and famous astrologer in Kolkata. He is in the field of Astrology for more than a decades. Astrologer Srijit is providing all the above mentioned services in Kolkata (North and South) and entire India.

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