If you think that the toilet and bathroom in your house have no importance in your Vastu as much as other rooms or parts have, this blog will certainly change your mind. Toilets and bathrooms need special attention to balance the energy of your home, and today through the discussion with a genuine Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee we will delve deep into the Vastu direction and rules to decide the space for toilet and bathroom at your new home or apartment. Contact Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, a genuine astrologer in Kolkata if you need personalized Astrology and Vastu consultation for your home or office. 

Most Specific Directions for Toilets and Bathrooms

Gone are those days when toilets were built outside homes to avoid negative energy. Today, we need everything compact and in limited space; especially with the flat concept. Hence, In this blog, we are going to discuss the worst and the best locations for toilets and bathrooms according to Vastu followed by the common issues and internal item alignments. Let’s start with the best direction according to Vastu for the toilet and bathroom.

West of North West

WNW is the best direction to build toilets and bathrooms at home. The direction helps to release blocked emotions and negativity. 

South of South West

This is one of the excellent toilet positions to remove waste from physical and mental realms. 

East of South East

If you have a toilet in this position, directly or indirectly it promotes your creativity level. Your mental agility will grow and you can think better and process your work with amazing thoughts and ideas. 

Before you go with these directions, it would be great to know why you should choose these directions for building/designing a toilet on your property. The toilet is the active place of waste from our body and mind. We use toilets to flush waste. Hence, it is very important to determine the right location for the toilet and bathroom so that the flow of positive energy is uninterrupted.

Understand the Importance of Toilet Directions

East of North East

If it is possible then use this area only for taking showers. This direction is excellent for channeling refreshing energies to our minds and body. So, it is the most ideal place to have a shower only. 

East of South East

This is one of the best places to locate your toilet. The directional energy of this region is favorable for removing waste from our body and mind. Residents of houses with toilets on this side get relief from excessive mind churning, anxiety, and panic attacks.

South of South West

This is the region of disposal. This zone drains all the waste from our lives automatically. Hence, use this area to dispose of all the things that are not useful in your life. 

West of North West

This is the best area to release blocked emotions. Hence, you can build a toilet here or a shower room to get rid of blocked emotions in minds and hearts. 

It is strictly avoided to build toilets and bathrooms in the North, North-East, South-East, or East. 


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