We often listen to the phrase that Time is Money. I hope you have already heard this several times in your lifetime. So, if you want to understand the connection between time and money, you must read the blog in full. We will know how your watch (the time bearer) affects your destiny through Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, a good astrologer in Kolkata

We will learn in this blog how Horology (the study of time, and making watches) and Astrological tips for financial status impact in our lives simultaneously..   

Time & Astrology Has an In-depth Connection

Astrology is all about time and space. When the transits of planets indicate time, the placement of planets in different houses indicates space. We are living in the universe. So, we are not beyond or beneath the effects of time and space. Thus far, your zodiac sign, ascendant, Trikona, and Kendra houses affect you through time and space techniques. You undoubtedly win once you coordinate with the time according to your Energy and Dasha (imposed by the planets). Here comes the magic of wearing the right watch. Time becomes money, or you can say, it brings you money when you utilize it efficiently. 

Find Your Watch According to Your Zodiac Sign/Ascendant

The reason why a good and learned astrologer like Astrologer Shrijit always recommends wearing a watch that is apt for your Aura and helps you drive fortune…

So, let us not wait anymore but reveal the best watches according to the zodiac sign or ascendant. 

  1. Aries: For bold and ambitious Aries, Red dial or strap watches are the best options to nurture their passion and leadership quality. The watch must be square. 
  2. Taurus: It is an earthy sign. The natives are strong and stubborn as well. They love all earthy pleasures and luxury. So, Green colored watches bring good luck to them. 
  3. Gemini: Gemini natives are ruled by the air element. They are intelligent and highly communicative. So, Yellow or Green strap watches are best for them. 
  4. Cancer: Cancer people are very intuitive and emotional. The round and silver dial/strap watches are the best to match their aura and revive good luck. 
  5. Leo: Leos are passionate. So, a golden/orange colored watch with a square shape is the best option to drive luck and prosperity to their lives. 
  6. Virgo: Virgo natives are highly pragmatic and grounded. Green/Brown/Purple colored watches can serve their luck-bringing purposes very well. 
  7. Libra: This sign loves luxury and affluence. Blue and/or silver dial or band watches are best for them to attract good luck and secure the flow of money. 
  8. Scorpio: It is an intense sign as well as its goals. So, if you are a Scorpio, buy a grey/brown/pink band/dial watch to hold your fortune in life.
  9. Sagittarius: The highly ambitious and adventurous zodiac sign is advised to wear a golden/blue/green or any vibrant dial or strap-colored watch to retain your luck and money. 
  10. Capricorn: The pragmatic Capricorn natives get benefits if they consider wearing a brown or blue colored watch. 
  11. Aquarius: The high intellect Aquarians are advised to wear turquoise straps or band watches to bring good luck and attract money. 
  12. Pisces: The emotional beings are suggested to wear silver, blue, golden, or pink strap/band watch to ensure money flow and revive good luck. 

This is a generic discussion on lucky color watches for every zodiac sign. There is a lot more to consider when you want to utilize the time and money connection by wearing a watch. So, don’t believe in hearsay but consult with a good astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit to unfold the way to success and prosperity with Horology and Astrology.

Best of Luck


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