In Vedic Astrology, our horoscope plays a major role in guiding us throughout our lives. From Lagna to Moon sign, Arudha Lagna to divisional charts, Mahadasha, Antardasha, planetary combinations, and planetary transits – each pinpoints different aspects and changes in our lives. For an astrology adorer, there are ample things to learn every day related to Horoscope reading and today we will learn about KARAKAMSHA. From the pen and ink of the top astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, we will decipher the meaning and purpose of Karakamsha in this blog.

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What is KARAKAMSHA in Astrology?

Karakamsha is a Jaimini Astrology concept. However, in Parasari Astrology, it is also used to understand the Soul Significator of a horoscope. Now what is Karakamsha? Karakamsha is our Soul Significator; meaning it mainly defines our soul’s purpose. The planet which holds the highest degree in the horoscope becomes the Atmakarak. This Atmakarak planet has a great role in the D9 chart to identify our Karakamsha. The zodiac sign where the Atmakarak planet is placed in the D9 chart is called the Karakamsha or Karakamsha Lagna.

Let us make it simple with an example. For example, if Mercury is the planet that holds the highest degree in your Horoscope (D1) chart and it is placed in the Gemini in your Navamsha (D9) chart, then Gemini will be your Karakamsha Lagna. Through this Lagna, you can understand what you are best at or you can say what your soul’s purpose is.

Find Out Your Best Through Karakamsha Lagna/Planet

Karakamsha Lagna is decided based on the highest degree planet (AK or Atmakaraka) in your D1 chart. However, Karakamsha Lagna is seen only in the D9 chart based on the placement of the Atmakarak planet. The zodiac sign where the AK is placed in the D9 chart is called the Karakamsha Lagna. Now, we will decipher what a native is good at through the Karakamsha Lagna and the planet.

  • When the Sun is the AK and the Karakamsha lagna planet, the natives will do government jobs or services related to government.
  • If the Moon is there in the Karakamsha lagna, the native will enjoy all earthly pleasures, get involved in sensual activities, and might be a scholar (if there is an aspect of benefic planets).
  • When Mars is the AK and in the Karakamsha Lagna, the native will be a good cook, involved in the business of chemicals, printing, metal, jewelry, or printing. He may work at a factory in a top position.
  • If Mercury is in the Karakamsha lagna, the native may find his/her passion in writing. He can be an artist, a skillful businessman, and a trader. He will be very talented, intelligent, and educated.
  • When Jupiter is in the Karakamsha ascendant, the native will be modest, and honest. There are higher chances that he will be a philosopher or a scholar.
  • AK Venus in Karakamsha Lagna makes a person long-lived and he/she may look after state/political affairs as a government employee. The native will look good.
  • Saturn as an AK in the Karakamsha Lagna makes a native a good businessman.
  • Rahu as AK makes a native an engineer/machinery maker and Ketu as AK in Karakamsha Lagna makes a native a thief.

These are the snapshots of the Karakamsha concept with the Lagna and planets. If you want to know about your Karakamsha lagna in detail, contact Astrologer Shrijit, the top astrologer in Kolkata at your convenience to have the best assistance and guidance.

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