If you are in search of your soul mate and thinking of taking the help of Vedic Astrology, you have just landed at the right place. You can make a quick analysis of your would-be life partner if you know what the Dharakaraka planet in your horoscope is. If this Dharakaraka planet concept is new to your Astro-Dictionary, just take your seat and listen to Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, a genuine astrologer in Kolkata, and learn how the Darakaraka planet helps you find your soul mate. 

What is Darakaraka Planet in Vedic Astrology and Its Importance?

The planet that holds the lowest degree in your birth chart is your Dharakaraka planet. It is the planet that indicates how your partner will be along with his/her characteristics.  

  • In Sanskrit, Dara means your spouse (wife/husband) and Karaka means significator. Thus, Dharakaraka planet is the significator of your spouse. The placement of this lowest-degree planet in Navamsha (D9 chart) is considered by astrologers to provide in-depth knowledge of your partner. 
  • The study of Dharakaraka also helps to understand the purpose of marriage and relationship with your loved one. How easily you can gel with the person you can know through this planet. 
  • The position of the planet also indicates your unfinished karma from the past birth. Why we make mistakes in relationships and repeat the same is also deciphered through Dharakaraka planet. 

The Behaviour of Darakaraka Planet in Different Houses 

Now, you have gained a little about the special planet in your horoscope. It is time to decipher how the Darakaraka (DK) behaves or brings results in different houses. Let us dive deep….

  • DK in 1st House: It is a beneficial placement for Dharakaraka planet. It ensures marital bliss and harmony in life.  
  • DK in 2nd House: This placement helps create a strong bond between a couple. They value the importance of marriage. However, it can bring financial issues.  
  • DK in 3rd House: Your marriage will remain lively. You will enjoy frequent trips with your spouse. 
  • DK in the 4th House: The placement of DK in the 4th house indicates that your spouse will bring emotional support to your life. It will be a happy union.  
  • DK in 5th House: Your spouse will be super creative, romantic, and cheerful. 
  • DK in 6th House: This is not a desirable house for DK planet. Both partners need to put effort into making the marriage work. 
  • DK in 7th House: It indicates a strong bond between partners and a happy married life. 
  • DK in the 8th House: Your partner brings transformation to your life after marriage. However, he/she will be spiritually inclined. 
  • DK in 9th House: This placement says, your partner will be philosophical and highly knowledgeable. 
  • DK in 10th House: Your spouse might be a highly career-oriented partner. 
  • DK in 11th House: S/he will bring financial prosperity and opportunities to your life. 
  • DK in 12th House: Your spouse makes the connection between you and spirituality or foreign lands. 

Hope, you enjoyed reading this blog and got a glimpse of how your future partner will be. If you are curious to discover about your husband/wife through Dharakaraka planet, please feel free to contact a genuine astrologer in Kolkata. Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee is beyond doubt the best astrologer in this regard.

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