Time and again it is said that Astrology can decipher every event in our lives by analyzing the natal chart. The only condition you need to fulfill is to find a genuine astrologer near you. Luckily, we have the right man beside us to have an astrology consultation, he is no other than Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, the famous astrologer in Kolkata so far. Today, we would participate in a very interesting topic that most women are worried about. We are talking about partners of women. To be precise, the astrological techniques to know how to decipher the nature of the would-be partner (spouse/lover/husband) from the chart of a woman. 

Connection Between Mars and Her Husband/Counterpart

Mars Manifest Powers for Her Life

It is said that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. if you have not found any narratives to explain this phase, we like to do it for you. In Astrology, the nature of a partner of a man and woman is seen respectively from the placement of Mars in a birth chart. As we all respect the term “Ladies First”; we decipher the nature of partners of women here with the position of Mars in their natal chart. Mars manifest powers for her life, energy, courage, fighting ability, confidence, and physical strength as well. So, with the placement of Mars in a female life it can be said how her husband/partner/lover will be.  Let us just get started with Mars in Aries in a female’s chart…

  1. Mars in Aries: Women who have this placement of Mars will be attracted to sporty, independent, vivacious, bold men with stout physic. 
  2. Mars in Taurus: Mars in Taurus in a woman’s chart says that she will get connected with a man who is simple in appearance, has a stable income and assets, and is sensual. 
  3. Mars in Gemini: Such placement indicates that you will have a partner who is talkative, outgoing, a good communicator, and intelligent. 
  4. Mars in Cancer: Cancer Mars makes a woman connected to a sensitive and emotional man. She seeks emotional support and security in her relationship. 
  5. Mars in Leo: This placement makes a woman attracted to a well-dressed, wealthy, and royal-natured man. She looks for a dignified man indeed. 
  6. Mars in Virgo: Women with Mars in Virgo look for men who are intelligent, well-groomed, and helpful in the kitchen. 
  7. Mars in Libra: A woman with Libra Mars wants a man who is well-mannered, balanced, and calm. A man who is a diplomat and has good social skills will win the heart. 
  8. Mars in Scorpio: Women with Scorpio Mars look for an intense partner who is emotional, a bit melodramatic, intuitive, passionate, and has intense feelings.
  9. Mars in Sagittarius: Women with Sagittarius Mars look for a man who is a warrior and philosophical by heart. The man should have intense knowledge of historical and religious subjects and he is helpful as well. 
  10. Mars in Capricorn: Capricorn Mars creates wishes to have a man who is serious, patient, hardworking, and disciplined. Loyalty and status are important qualities here.  
  11. Mars in Aquarius: This Mars placement increases the wishes to have a man who is intelligent, unconventional, adventurous, open-minded, and innovative. 
  12. Mars in Pisces: These women tend to get attracted to men who are gentle, caring, intuitive, and have a natural tendency to do yoga or healing activities. Also, the men must have a knack for spiritualism.  

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. For more personalized knowledge of Mars and its placement to decipher your spouse’s nature, contact Astrologer Shrijit, a famous astrologer in Kolkata to date.


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