Every zodiac sign has its own story. From their characteristics to intelligent quotients, behavior nature, and luck to hurdles – all count on the element, sign lord, and karaka tattwa of the zodiac. If we talk about the calmest and most peaceful zodiac signs based on elements, water signs are to be discussed. Three zodiac signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are considered the most nourishing zodiac signs. Though, each one differs from another based on characteristics.

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Watery Signs & Their Positive/Negative Traits

Water signs represent duality. It can nourish as well as destroy. When they are considered for strength, flexibility, and fluidity; they are also taken for too many emotional consequences, hidden grudges, and fickleness. So, with no more wasting time, let us dig deep about three water signs individually.

Positive & Negative Qualities of Cancer – Watery & Cardinal Element

Cancer: It is the first sign of the water element in the Kalpurusha chakra. It is a cardinal sign and a very soft-hearted sign in zodiacs. Other qualities you can see in Cancer natives are,

Extremely empathetic to others; this is one of the unique mottos of the cardinal water sign – Cancer.

They don’t mind working hard to create the safest environment for themselves and the persons they love and care for.

Cancer natives are very loyal to their relationships. Whether it is a love/romantic relationship or a bonding with friends/family; Cancerians don’t leave any stone unturned to keep their relationship healthy and happy.

Cancerians do respect humankind and cannot tolerate any negative behavior against them.

Cancerians are the most beautiful friends in the world that lucky people only can have.

But, by any means, if you betray your Cancerian friend/partner, you will lose all the love/care he/she poured into you.


Positive & Negative Qualities of Scorpio – Watery & Fixed Element

Scorpio: The irony of fate is that Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign. Though, this is not the truth. Let’s know more about Scorpions,

They are very sweet and loving.

They get hurt easily, thus they protect their feelings and remain introverted.

They are deep thinkers and don’t care about pointless connections.

They are brutally honest, committed, and people of the highest morality and ethics.

Once they fall in love, they become the most committed partner and stick to their partner forever.


Positive & Negative Qualities of Scorpio – Watery & Mutable Element

Pisces: A dreamy water sign with mysterious nature. You cannot understand Pisces people easily.

They are very fickle and hard to figure out.

They keep flowing just like water and never stay in one place for a long time.

They are dramatically emotional; though they can understand all types of human emotions than other water signs.

These natives follow their free will and are very intuitive.

They can make the best love partner in the world

They try every possible thing to make the world a better place for their loved ones.

These are not all but the most crucial points of watery signs of Kalpurusha chakra.

In Conclusion,

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