Do you know that there is a strong connection between your health and astrology? In primitive eras, people used to visit astrologers to know planet placements to understand their health issues and how to get rid of those issues. Astrology does not predict your future only; rather if you visit a good astrologer in Kolkata then you can certainly decode how planetary combinations, placements in your chart, progression, and planetary transit impact your health vastly.

Astrology & Health Connection

It is 100% true that we should not ignore our health and its needs if we want to stay happy, fit, and progressive in life. to survive in this cut-throat competitive world, we need to take care of our health before anything and everything. So, let us know in detail which houses, planets, and other combinations are responsible for good and/or bad health for all of us.

Each part of our body is manifested by an astrological element. When head represents by Aries (Sun and Mars), feet represents by Pisces (Jupiter). In between Aries and Pisces, 10 other signs represent other parts of our body. Though, when it is all about health.

Houses in Astrology Manifest Health Issues

Our 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 12th houses play crucial roles when you want to indicate your health and health issues. If any of the houses are influenced by any malefic planet, the native certainly suffers from health issues.

  • 2nd house is your food habit and your food habit impact your health undoubtedly
  • 6th house manifests sickness
  • 8th house indicates your excretion, surgery, and death
  • 12th house denotes hospitalization.

The sub lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses also become important to decipher for a professional astrologer when a client wants to know the intensity of the diseases he/she may suffer from.

Body Parts & Health Issues Represented by Planets

  • Sun: If the sun is malefic, natives may suffer from issues related to stomach, heart, head, back, eye, joint pain, migraine, and fever.
  • Moon: If Moon is afflicted in the chart, the native may undergo issues related to lungs, blood, brain, eye, insomnia, asthma, and more
  • Mars: Mars’s affliction in the birth chart indicates problems in the gall bladder, bone marrow, red blood cells, thalassemia, female genital issues, and knee pain (as Mars indicates bone also).
  • Mercury: Mercury affliction provides issues related to skin, face, thyroid, nervous system, mental disorders, and ear problems.

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