Saturn, the Karma Karaka planet is about to combust on 11th February 2024. According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn is a tough teacher. He is the god of Justice. Saturn rules your karma and embodies discipline, your profession, and hard work. In 2024, Saturn is about to combust in Aquarius, the mool-trikona sign of Saturn. Certainly, it will promise a wave of transformation as well as blessings for specific 3 zodiac signs. Let us learn how a combust Saturn impacts and holds major significance during this period from the very best astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee.


What Does Saturn Combust Mean?

Saturn gets combust when it comes closer to the Sun. typically, when Saturn comes within 15 degrees of the fiery Sun, it loses its potential, power, and effectiveness for a certain time. The qualities of Saturn like restriction, discipline, and karmic lessons get diminished by the lamination of the Sun for a temporary session.

In 2024, when Saturn combusts, it will provide a few specific results to certain zodiac signs. Many challenges may come in the shape of delays, obstacles, struggles, and repetition in career, relationships, business, and mental peace as well.


Zodiac Signs & Saturn Combustion 

Saturn remains combust from 11th February to 18th March. While the combustion might impose challenges for zodiac signs, three zodiac signs will incur benefits surprisingly. Let us have a look at those zodiac signs,

  • Aries: It seems surprising but it will happen. The natives of the Aries zodiac will bask with joy and blessing of celestial bodies. If you are in business, you will get significant benefits during the combustion. Your boss and superiors at the workplace will appreciate your work and provide it recognition. You can also receive lucrative job offers. You will reach the excellence of your career and undergo fruitful results in business and social status. You will be respected for your work.
  • Gemini: If you are a Gemini and you are thinking of getting married, this timing will bring fruit for you. You may find the partner you are looking for. Your pending Karma will be resolved and any work related to higher authority or government will bring beneficial results for you. You will experience a boost in profit in your business followed by rewards.
  • Libra: Saturn combustion helps Libra natives fulfill their desire to buy property or vehicles in 2024. The level of comfort and luxury will increase and it will bring with it a sense of mental peace and contentment. Even, you will find development and growth at work. Your financial stability will increase followed by the ancestral property gain. Libra natives are about to experience a boost in social status, engagement, and benefits from hierarchy.


In Conclusion, 

Saturn is a strict master and its effects on zodiac signs remain heavy. It is going to influence Aries, Gemini, and Libra with its retracing movement followed by transformation in job, career, and prosperity in personal life. So, if you belong to any of the zodiac signs stated in this blog and find the personalized consultation, don’t hesitate to contact the best astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit straight away.


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