Believe it or not, no matter how much we become technical and in how many ways we personify our lives, the importance of a PUJA Room remains the same in our homes. A puja room is not only a place to worship and perform rituals but also a place that makes us believe, that God is with us and he protects us from all evil. We can incur the maximum benefits and positivity from prayer once we build the PUJA Room in the right direction. So, if want to know the right direction to build or set up PUJA Room in your home, expert Vastu consultant cum the best astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee is here for your help.


Amazing Puja Room Vastu Tips with Directional Guidance


You can follow these principles once you think of setting up Pooja Room in your home. These principles help you to choose the right direction and location for the Puja room,

1. Right Direction: North-East is the right direction to set up a Pooja room in a house. If it is not possible to set up your puja room in the northeast direction, you can consider the West corner.

Caution: Never establish your Puja Room in the South. Also, the basement and/or higher floor is not a suitable option for designing the puja room.


2. Celling for Puja Room: The ceiling of the Puja Room should be low compared to your actual rooms in the house. You can build a wooden setting or temple with a pyramid-shaped or gopura-shaped top to engage maximum positivity in your house. Also, make sure, the puja room has a threshold and two-door entry to ensure positive Vastu influence.

Caution: Don’t go for a puja temple or shelf made with wrought iron.


3. Idol Placement Rules: Once the puja place or room is ready, it is time to place idols. Make sure, you place the idols facing South or West. Place idols at least 6 inches away from the wall and above the ground.

Caution: Never place the portrait of a dead member of your family in the puja room or place. It is considered inauspicious.


4. Puja Room Storage: To store all puja items including books, lamps, prasad, flowers, and all, it is good to build a storage shelf in the southeast and/or west direction. Make sure, the sunlight never gets obstructed to enter the pooja room due to storage or anything else.

Caution: Never build or store anything above the Pooja temple.


5. Color of Pooja Room/Place: You can choose a light yellow, white, or light blue color for your puja room. If you are going for the tiles for puja room decoration, you should go for only light shed tiles.

Caution: Don’t go for a dark or loud shad color or design for the puja room.


Other Puja Room Vastu Tips

  1. Use only brass or metallic accessories to decorate your puja room.
  2. You can place a copper container filled with water in your puja room to absorb the negative energy. Change the water every day.
  3. Make sure, your puja room or temple has doors. It is essential to maintain privacy.
  4. Make sure, your puja room has windows facing north or northeast.


These Pooja Room Vastu tips are easy to follow and anyone can follow them to ensure the flow of positive energy and happiness in life. For more personalized Puja room Vastu tips, you can consult with Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, a genuine Vastu consultant and the best astrologer in Kolkata to date.


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